The first European network, also known as European Aliens for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality, was founded by experts dedicated to responsible tourism. This network was launched in Brussels in October 2008. It’s a non-government sector.

The board of directors and coordinators of the network consists of 7 members. Members of this network are experts in subjects like sustainability, fairness, and solidarity.

Besides its members, the European network has nine partners, including the International Organization of Social Tourism, the European Institute of Cultural Routes, and the European Network for Accessible Tourism.

Objectives of EARTH

The main aim of this organization is to unite Europe—”one Europe for responsible tourism.”. For this purpose, this private network has many organizations in different countries of Europe.

Another responsibility of this network is to maintain principles of sustainability, solidarity, and fairness in the whole field of tourism.

It allows network members to share their experiences and knowledge. This network’s practice and tool sharing can also benefit all small and micro businesses working toward sustainable tourism.

EARTH supports its network to fulfill the vision of the European Agenda for Reasonable, Responsible, Competitive Tourism.

EARTH is also responsible for approving and implementing the CSR system. CSR means corporate social responsibility.

Activities of EARTH

  • To develop awareness among travelers regarding tourism principles to practice during travel.
  • Work with conventional tourism agencies to raise awareness about the principles of tourism.
  • EARTH cooperates with local-level agencies, authorities, institutions, and other tourist operators to understand and define tourism developmental policies.
  • It also encourages its member’s mutual practices by coordinating their practices.
  • Participate in international cooperation to improve the quality of the trip by adopting good practices.
  • This network promotes responsible, ethical tourism concepts. They spread information through publications, campaigns, conferences, etc.
  • EARTH provides a supportive system for travel agencies, tour operators, and associations. They improve their performance by participating in projects such as trade fairs.

EARTH, in partnership with ENAT, promotes tourism. Both organizations collaborate closely and perform their roles in the hospitality industry as well. They exchange knowledge to open up the global hospitality sector to everyone.

This partnership led to many opportunities to engage with the network of member hotels. It also represents about 7 million rooms and about 50 thousand properties globally.

Their partnership improves tourists’ access to multiple fields, like tourist information, etc. They also provide a model of excellence for the whole tourism industry.


Since 2008, the European Alliance for Responsible Tourism and Hospitality has been promoting unity in multiple tourism sectors.

EARTH’s partnership with various other organizations actively promotes principles of responsible tourism. They collaboratively play their role in fostering the hospitality industry as well.